Sleepy Allergen Barrier Bedding Cover Product Size and Price
Suggested retail price (HKD)



Pillow Encasing





Standard (L)


35 * 53cm

30 * 43cm

27 * 41cm

45 * 70cm

51 * 78cm


Mattress/ Box Spring Encasing


Baby (M)

Baby (L)

Single (for latex mattress)

Single (L)

Double bed

Double bed

Double bed

Double bed I

Double bed II

Double bed III



King (T)

63 * 123 * 8cm

75 * 135 * 8cm

94 *192 * 12cm

110 * 192 * 22cm
(3.5* 6.4 feet)

124 * 185 * 12cm
(4.0 * 6.2 feet)

124 * 185 * 22cm
(4.0 * 6.2 feet)

140 * 185 * 22cm
(4.5 * 6.2 feet)

156 * 192 * 17cm
(5 * 6.4 feet)

156 * 192 * 22cm
(5 * 6.4 feet)

156 * 192 * 27cm
(5 * 6.4 feet)

185 * 192 * 22cm
(6 * 6.4 feet)

185 * 216 * 32cm
(6 * 7 feet)

185 * 216 * 42cm
(6 * 7 feet- extra thick)




Comforter Encasing


Baby (M)






93 *126cm

110 * 142cm

130 *150cm

150 * 210cm (5 * 7 feet)

180 * 210cm (6 * 7 feet)

210 * 240cm (7 * 8 feet)


Remark :
1) Delivery will be done normally in one week once the order is confirmed, yet subject to changes due to stock condition.

2) The price of non-standard sized/ tailored-made sized bedding cover will be different from that tabulated above and will be based on individual quotation as requested.

3) Free delivery for order over HK$2000. Order below HK$2000 applied HK$50 transport fees. We only deliver in Hong Kong area.

*** We are the sole distributor of Sleepy Allergen Barrier Bedding in China Region (includ. Hong Kong and Macau)***

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Dust mite is a major source of allergies. Not only the body itself but its larval, debris, fecal matter and egg do also cause allergy symptoms to human. A typical dust mite can produce an amount of fecal matter which is almost 200 times of its weight, during its life. These fecal particles are in fact harmful allergens which will cause people allergy symptoms like asthma, itchiness, sneezing, inflamed/infected eczema, watering eyes, runny nose, (if asthma), lungs clogging up, etc. The average life cycle for a male house dust mite is 2 to 3 months, while a mated female house dust mite can live for about 70 days, laying more than 100 eggs in her life.

(Dust mite's egg)


Fecal matter of dust mite at our home

Dust mites do not bite yet their fecal particles and debris is the major source of allergens. The fecal particles are so tiny that they can suspend in air for up to 20 minutes and be easily inhaled by human. The fecal matter is water-soluble and can dissolve into any moist surface. As the surface of our respiratory tract (including the lungs) is wet, it is easy for the allergens to deposit on it. Even worse, once these fecal particles have dissolved, some enzymes will be released, which will attack the mucus and structure of our respiratory system and eventually cause allergy symptoms.

(Fecal matter )


Allergy symptoms triggered by dust mite

In accordance with recent research, about 90% of Asthma; 70% of Atopic Dermatitis cases in human are caused by allergens produced by dust mites. Yet few people would notice that even conjunctivitis inflammation, otitis media (Inflammation of the middle ear) or dermatitis are probably caused by allergens from dust mites. If your children are suffering from prolonged clogging, running nose, influenza or other allergies, it is advised that an allergen test performed by physicians may help identify the cause of the allergy symptoms and take required actions.